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Implementing Community Cultural Plans

Much of my work at WolfBrown revolves around community cultural and creativity planning.  These processes often take nine months or longer to complete and implementation generally happens over 10 or more years. So being able to engage the cultural sector and a broad spectrum of community leaders - and keep them engaged – is vital to success.  It’s inspiring to me to see how community members are energized by our participatory processes and how leaders can build on that energy over the course of the long years of turning a plan’s vision into reality.  Look, for example, at the Richmond Virginia region, where WolfBrown completed a plan in 2008.  Among an array of important accomplishments, they’ve completely retooled their arts council to lead the implementation process.  In Long Beach, California, where I recently completed an update to the city’s 1996 cultural plan, the City Council has approved five proposals inspired by the plan.  Even in smaller communities, like Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue University), we are seeing some initial action on the plan I completed there barely a year ago.  The work of engaged and passionate community members makes all the difference.


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