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Community MusicWorks: Community-Centric Concert Series Evaluation

Sharing Tables with Strangers: Strengthening neighborhoods through community centric concerts in the West End of Providence

Chloƫ Kline and Dennie Wolf
Published July 2016

Community MusicWorks, a neighborhood-embedded education and
Can classical music concerts strengthen neighborhoods? This fundamental question guides Community MusicWorks' recent evaluation of a "community-centric concert series" in its home neighborhoods of the West End and South Side of Providence, RI. With a grant from ArtPlace America, CMW was able to investigate these questions:
  • How can the long-term presence of a place-based cultural organization impact the neighborhoods that host it?
  • How does an organization with a long history of being deeply embedded in a neighborhood deepen its connection, and widen the circle of its impact?
  • Can such changes be measured, and made visible? If so, how?
  • What does CMW's experience say to the wider field about the role of arts and culture in building cohesive urban communities?
These questions are central to CMW's long-term mission of building cohesive community in urban neighborhoods. They also have implications for the larger field of place-making through the arts, offering insights to organizations interested in building strong, lasting, and impactful partnerships in communities, and in measuring the changes wrought by these relationships.

This evaluation was made possible by funding from ArtPlace America.


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